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Monday, April 5

Rainbow ceiling strings

I. love. this. Inordinately much. This will be in a future child's room.

Also, remind me to make this into an Easter tradition.

Tuesday, March 30

Illustration inspiration (for future reference)

Image itself yoinked from Design Sponge, originally from an Etsy shop: "Ello There"

Good color inspiration from Oh Joy: "mint + tomato"

Maybe take a second look at this guy?

Roald Dahl's actual gypsy wagon.

These sites: composition/tree framing.

Organic/photo + clean illustration here.

Tuesday, December 1

Brian Kershisnik

I first heard of Brian Kershisnik freshman year at Erin Tanner's house. Her family had a few originals, and I wasn't impressed. Oh how things have changed. Rachel has been talking about him recently, so I took another look and I. am. in. love. Aren't these beautiful? That last one especially, it really speaks to me. These are called The Rain, Father and Child, and Trampolines, respectively.

One of my favorite movies in attractive poster form

It won't let me steal the image. I like it, though.


Remember that song? Found on Oh Joy.

Tuesday, November 10

Typography once more

From the alphabet book, ABC3D. Isn't it gorgeous? And less than fourteen bucks! More pictures of the interior here.

Thursday, October 29

Wednesday, October 28

For future reference

That is the wall color I want in my house. Apparently they achieved it with something called a lime wash? Must look that up. Also, hot deck. Dig the firepit. (via Design Sponge)